Answer:From what I can tell, The Samsung S6 has no expandable memory options. Unless you phone is a special version of some sort this card will not work. By Cap10H0Wdy on March 12, 2018
Answer:I have 128GB storage on my phone, which is ALWAYS getting full, so I finally got a 128GB SD card. I haven't transferred to my card in probably a year, and now it's looking like it was damaged at some point. Two weeks ago, I transferred a bunch of pics/documents, then set up auto save photos to the card instead of phone… see more
Answer:People had found these memory card warranty doesn't cover security camera etc. The issue is the continuous recording of those camera. Basically, cameras write to the card 24 hours 7 days a week, non stop. If you do some research, you'll noticed all the solid state memory has a lifetime of write limit. Unlike traditiona… see more By PL on August 25, 2021
Answer:Bought the 256 and it crashes every ten minutes. Read all this thread before buying hoping it would work but every ten minutes it crashes and says it was moved or taken out, when the switch is as stable it can be. Lost $40 here, don’t buy By Joey R. Hernandez Perez on May 29, 2021